Thursday, October 13, 2016

Omake Gif Anime - Flip Flappers - Episode 2 - Papika Transfer Student

Papika quickly exploited a loophole in Cocona's plan to keep her away from school: become a transfer student!

Papika sure was happy to fine Cocona in her classroom.

But Papika goes where the food is, not necessarily where Cocona is.

Uh oh. Cocona's bunny Uexkull (what a name...) suddenly entered Papika's "food" category.

The next Pure Illusion place turned the girls into bunnies.

That's right, Cocona. Bunnies!

And we know how Papika feels about bunnies right now...


There were a lot of references to nibbling and gnawing, but that chewing action turned out not to be the decisive factor in a dangerous situation.

After seeing Cocona in danger, Papika understood her reluctance to go adventuring, so she was emotionally happy to hear Cocona want to join her again.

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