Thursday, October 13, 2016

10 Second Anime - Naruto Shippuuden - Episode 479

Naruto and Sasuke release the captive ninjas. The rebuilding and mourning begins. Naruto fulfills his final promise to Sasuke.

Episode 479 - "Naruto Uzumaki"


This was a good aftermath episode. We got a quick peek at our favorite characters after all the fighting was over.

Sasuke actually apologized to Sakura for everything? Sakura's response was right on - "You better be sorry!" And just like that, Team 7 was all good again.

Kakashi is going to have to break that habit of covering up his left eye. He's got a real one now, not Obito's borrowed Sharingan.

This wasn't covered too well in the manga, because I wondered how Sasuke and Naruto could release the Infinite Dream Jutsu without their destroyed Sun and Moon signs on their hands. Apparently, completing the hand seal together with Sasuke's Rinnegan and Naruto's Sage Power was good enough.

Yamato! And the demise of Tobi. I guess that guy never found out what it felt like to poop.

Oh, I missed that busty Hidden Cloud ninja. I had totally forgotten they were switched with the Silver and Gold brothers to escape the gourd.

Kakashi can't cover his left eye with a Hokage hat. Tsunade stepped down awfully quick. Obligatory both Hokage's give permission joke.

Sasuke and Naruto's replaced arms came from Hashirama's cells, just like what Madara did and how he healed Obito.

Killer B rapped/joked that a ninja's right hand is his precious companion. I wonder how many present understood the masturbation reference...

Aw. Poor Guy's totally shattered leg bones. He's no longer in the Springtime of Youth, but he just entered the Red Hot Days of Summer! He had to grow up a little bit more sometime.

Oh yes, Naruto is going to be a Jounin... after he studies for two years and passes the Chuunin exams too. He's the deadliest ninja on the planet, but he'd only been trained to survive and destroy these last three years. He needs a better educational foundation than that.

Konohamaru quoted a wise man to convince Naruto to submit to the study plan: "There are no shortcuts to becoming Hokage." Gee, I wonder who said that...

After being pardoned by the Sixth Hokage Kakashi, Sasuke had his own plan - a journey of atonement. Very reminiscent of Hagoromo rebuilding bridges and what-not.

A sweet moment for both Sasuke and Sakura was when Sasuke appropriated Itachi's endearing gesture to promise to take Sakura with him "maybe next time." Emo Sasuke is beginning to be much less emo now.

Naruto had promised Sakura that he would bring Sasuke back to the village and that finally happened. But there was one promise he made to himself during the Sasuke Pursuit arc: that he would return the head protector he left in the classroom. As we should know by now after 699 episodes, Naruto never goes back on his word.

Next time, Hinata Filler Shippuuden. There's a lot of ground to cover in all the small panels we saw in the final epilogue chapter of the manga and this season aims to deliver all that In-Depth Anime-only Retelling, ahem, filler.

Knowing that Naruto's story is already over makes this stuff much more relaxing and less irritating to watch now. I was always impatient before, yelling in my head, "Get back to the story already!" Well, the story is done. Let's just have some fun now, shall we?

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