Sunday, September 25, 2016

Finds from the Grind - Shiny Again

A just washed chain ring can look shiny again. With the dry weather around here, I haven't really "needed" to wash the bike other than to keep the chain lubed, but at some point the sweat drippings make some ugly patterns in the layers of road dust, so I just got to wipe that crap off.

Here's some bonus video from this weekend.

I've mentioned this before, but one of my biggest pet peeves about cycling without being a scofflaw is an intersection where only a tripped sensor activates a cross traffic signal. It's as if traffic policy can't decide whether bicyclists are slow cars or fast pedestrians. The preponderance suggests slow cars since we're not supposed to be riding on the sidewalk or in the crosswalk. That's why I hate having to pretend to be a pedestrian to make a legal left turn instead of just running the red light.

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