Sunday, September 25, 2016

Omake Gif Anime - Love Live! Sunshine!! - Episode 13 [END] - Kanan Drinks

Practicing idol choreography is thirsty work, but Kanan is just hot in general, so she better stay hydrated.

Kanan has taken charge of the dance practice replacing You. I suppose she is the genki senpai.

Everyone collapsed but Kanan and You. The first years  were the most tired.

You made sure they drank properly too.

The third years told Yoshiko (Yohane!) not to wear black, but she's got to be herself. Or her other self, or... she knows what I mean.

Riko tossed the water around too.

Gotta have You saluting in the last episode of the season.

Dia's "boo boo!" moment was a nice callback to the beginning of the season when she had to show off all her school idol knowledge.

Yohane can see the future Ragnarok. Oh, she's going to have a disaster alright.

Yohane's personal Ragnarok was losing rock-paper-scissors with her anatomically impossible version of scissors. It's pretty much the only physical proof Yoshiko is a fallen angel.

The first year's like hogging the fan. I didn't know that Ruby and Yohiko had their own catchphrases like Hanamaru's ~zura. Bihi for Ruby and yoha for Yoshiko.

This is obviously a private school that can upgrade its PC's to the latest operating system version.

Chika sure looked like she had tons of energy while she was running in slo-mo. Many hours later, not so much.

Riko's recurring scaredy-cat nature makes for great comedy.

That's no ghost! That's Chika's mom! She looks like she's more a handful of genki-ness than Chika.

Chika's mom called Riko beautiful and Riko belatedly realized she agreed out loud.

Hanamaru enjoys new things, obviously ~zura, but these steam thing at the train station is just enjoyable.

Having so many fellow students come to support Aqours at the regional finals reinforced why they became school idols to begin with: to save their school.

Yoshiko personally thanked Hanamaru and Ruby for being great friends and then the Fallen Angel Yohane descended for the performance.

The seniors felt the emotions of coming this far after a two year hiatus on being idols and close friends.

And then, it was time for Aqours to shine!

The first part of their performance was a modified fairy tale narration describing Aqours' school, town and a recap of the show's season.

They covered Dia rejecting the School Idol Club and dropping idol knowledge on them.

They retold how they found Riko the songwriter but she initially rejected them.

Yohane appeared with the other first years Ruby and Hanamaru.

The Seniors reconciled and joined the school idol project too.

But Aqours still had to contend with that annoying Zero. After regrouping from the Zero vote, they found they had Zero recruits for their school.

But that's what this whole performance is about. Assembling to save the school with their nine members. Ah, make that 10 when you include their cheering fans from school.

I'd like to know how the girls changed outfits so quickly. They've got a lot of accessories and "flare" on their performance costumes.

The first years made a nice comparison with their moms meeting. I got a kick out of Ruby's mom looking exactly like older sister Dia. And that's Hanamaru's grandma, which explains her unfamiliarity with recent technology.

The girls all looked nice singing and dancing and winking!

Chika's moment when she sang directly to the audience was when Aqours truly began to shine.

The hometown fans, with Chika and Riko's moms, really know how to shake those glow sticks. Even Shiitake the dog!

The girls put their own personality into their costumes and their dance moves.

I had been waiting all season for Aqours to emulate the spinning camera shot that Honoka always did in the original Love Live.

The Big Three. You has to have a hat on, doesn't she?

All the family members got glow sticks. We're just missing family from You, Mari and Kanan.

The CGI girls looked pretty good, but their faces still weren't quite the same as the hand drawn versions.

Uh oh. Where is Chika running off to now?

She ran straight out the door. We saw that recruitment sign go from 0 to 1, so mission accomplished for Chika. We don't even know how the voting went for the Regional Finals.

With how happy everyone was for this group shot of Aqours, maybe they did really well. Just maybe.

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