Monday, September 26, 2016

Omake Gif Anime - Non Non Biyori Repeat - Episode 13 [OVA] - Hotaru Snowman Pecchi

I don't know if Pecchi the corgi is a good judge of snowmen, but he liked what Hotaru put together.

Hotaru was so happy to see so much snow in the countryside since she hardly saw any in Tokyo.

Hotaru may not be used to snow, but she was able to build a snowman, a snow slide and a snow hut for Pecchi all by herself.

These large flying squirrels are called musasabi (むささび Japanese Giant Flying Squirrel) and they don't like being talked about by the likes of Komari.

The OVA followed Hotaru having fun through all four seasons. Winter was playing in the snow. Spring was baking cookies with Ms. Candy Store. Summer was trying to give Komari a good dream. And Autumn was picking berries in the forest.

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