Wednesday, September 14, 2016

10 Second Anime - Masou Gakuen HxH - Episode 11

Kizuna meets his mother Nayuta in downtown Tokyo. The battle to free the people there from Batlantis' control begins.

Episode 11 - "Operation Take Back Tokyo -APOCALYPSE-"


I was hoping that Nayuta as a villain would be more interesting, but no. She's just a bad person who only cares about her research into Batlantis technology.

The nice Winter scene Kizuna found in Tokyo was just a huge hologram for the benefit of the remaining survivors. Nayuta was just slowly sucking up their life energy to send to Batlantis. They were just walking batteries until they died.

Why'd she do it? Don't know. Her reasoning that all people die anyway is lame.

It also turns out that the HxH cores are just Batlantis technology anyway, which is why they will kill the holders when their hybrid count reaches zero. The cores suck life energy at the same time as sexy time energy, so when the girls are empty, they die. There's not even a way to remove the things.

Nayuta was a one dimensional villain who had no qualms about mass murder or human child experimentation. The only question left is to confirm that she went to the Batlantis side just to keep studying their technology and sold out her planet as an energy source to do it. What a terrible person and totally uninteresting.

The other annoying thing about her scene with Kizuna is how she was at the top of a skyscraper as he stood at its bottom, yet they had a conversation, including whispering, without any communication devices or amplification. Just so stupid.


Once we got done with the regular exposition device that this show likes to use, which is just standing around talking, even if you're hundreds of feet apart, the girls had their chance to do some action scenes.

They did okay until they met the drillhead Ragres.

Hayuru and Yurishia were smacked up pretty easily, which is what happened last episode too.

Aine lasted a little bit longer.

But hey, to beat a crazy loli you need your own crazy loli.

Enter the love struck Sylvia.

Her Heart Hybrid Gear is called Taros and it's a walking tank suit like Ragres'.

Whoa, lolis throw down hard!

Just what the hell did Kizuna do to her when he installed that HxH core? She got all the bells and whistles.

Aine was impressed.

Then Ragres tried to do a self-destruct maneuver by turning her suit into a nuclear missile, which is what the APOCALYPSE in the title refers to. This is still a big deal in the Japanese psyche because of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Lucky for them, Kizuna had no qualms about McFluffing a barely pubescent girl. Sylvia even got an Immoral Weapon from her Climax Hybrid session.

I seriously thought she was going to die because of the piano based calming death flag musical score. That whole arrangement sounded like self-sacrifice to my ears.

Sylvia's use of her Titania singularity weapon just tired her out. Not even a crash landing. She just floated back down to Earth.

Seeing the form Titania took, can we hope for a voluptuous version of Sylvia in the future?

Well, all that business with Ragres was just the opening act. There's a full scale invasion coming next and that Zelshione person who roughly sexed up Aldea and Grabel is already on the ground. You know what that means.

Tactical Love Room Drop!

The story caught up to the flash forward in the first episode. They even just totally replayed that whole sequence with just a couple more scenes of Aine convincing herself she needed to go Climax Hybrid even with all the strange memories popping into her head.

I didn't include Hayuru getting McFluffed in this post. It was an exact replay. Just go to the first episode post to relive the glory.


Are you ready? Even with the Hayuru repeat, there was other stuff going on.

Scarlet and the American Masters thought they were ready for anything NSFW.

Scarlet's body was not ready for what she saw in the aftermath of Zelchione's ministrations.

We saw in her episode with Grabel that Zelshione's power is to totally cancel any Batlantean based magical technology.

Her sexy time skillz are all her, though.

Just a few moments of groping and Scarlet was reduced to a quivering mess like the rest of her team.

Kizuna and his harem is going to have some trouble. The power of yuri is often too hard to overcome...

Next time, Aine probably finds out who she was on the Batlantis side, but reconciles it to keep getting McFluffed. Or whatever. It should be the last episode. Can we get Reiri in a HxH Gear suit too?

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