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10 Second Anime - Masou Gakuen HxH - Episode 1

Kizuna Hida comes back to a battle training academy at the request of his older sister. He learns to wield his true power: helping recharge sexy girls' pilot suits with his sensuous touch. Season Premier.

Episode 1 - "Strategic Defense Academy ATARAXIA"

First Thoughts.

When I saw that this show was another Infinite Stratos clone, I planned just to skim the first few minutes to see how annoying it was. But noooo! They drew me in with an extended uncensored "recharging" scene. It's been over 6 months since I watched a trashy uncensored show, so of course I was going to cover it. The show isn't worth any deep thoughts, so most of the time I think I'll be calling the main character McFluffer. Yeah, that's his job. He's not a fighting harem king. His job is fluffing the girls to get turned on and recharge their suits. Kenzen Robo Daimidaler did their own farcical take on this premise with a sentai ranger show, so I'm curious to see how the harem training academy genre deals with it using a non-fighting main character. And by curious, I mean "show me the bewbs!"


So here's the plot... Uh, read that blurb below the top gif. Now, here's the PLOT.

It's all about the girls. They're generic too, so their personalities don't matter much beyond the popular ojou-sama, the prudish morals officer and the quiet enigmatic girl with a shared past history with the McFluffer.

McFluffer's first glimpses of the McFluffies concentrated on their hair and then their defining charm point. Yurishia: boobs. Hayuru: Zettai Ryouiki. Aine: Upskirt.

What matters is that they're all stacked and they all look good in their skimpy pilot suits.

There's even uncensored techno-magical girl transformation scenes. This show is great!

One thing to explain about the HxH in the title of the show is that it's what they call the suits. Heart Hybrid Gear. Supposedly they get recharged by heart and love and apparently "love" means caressing, groping and rubbing.

McFluffer's mother was involved with the development of these weapons to fight the generic alien invaders and sent him away after he was revealed to be a no-talent hack. His older sister Reiri called him back "for reasons." Those reasons were made pretty clear when she was talking him through how to feel up an unconscious girl.

Ha! She even had to convince McFluffer to think of the groping as checking for injuries. That got left by the wayside when the girl started getting "charged up."

"Grab her chest!" Yes, ma'am!


I wasn't too big a fan of how they started the show with a flash-forward, showing McFluffer in action in what looks like a sex room you find in a love hotel. But hey, it got my attention!

The exposition devices were pretty generic too. After the girls made quick work of an alien incursion, Reiri started talking to... somebody as she explained to... somebody how her little brother's work can help humanity take back the mainland continents from these invaders. The academy is, generically, on some isolated island. But Reiri, who were you talking to?

The McFluffies.

The flash-forward actually did a good job of setting the tone of the series and setting the bar on our expectations. Whether that lowered or raised them is up to you. Whether it, ah, raised something else is also up to you.

Any show that gives me a "punyaa~" is going to get my eyeballs.

Sexy girls. Sexy battle suits. Just watch the show already, you horn dogs!

"I'm Aine. Worship me." Sure thing, boss.

The first focus of the show, after the flash-forward that is, is the forgotten childhood friend Aine. She was also our narrative guide in showing how the island is really a well-stacked, er, stocked fortress. Presumably, holographic sex rooms are conveniently placed for the McFluffer too.

Yurishia showed her ample gifts and fighting prowess while Aine was down getting McFluffed.

The opening credits focused our attention on the most important attributes of the McFluffies. We learned that each girl has her own code word for activating their suits.


Are you ready? This is going to be NSFW.

Get your body ready.


If the show had not started with Hayuru's McFluffing scene, I would have been shocked at what Kizuna did to Aine when she was knocked out and how there was actual PG-13 nudity. During the real-time story, things were just generic extra ecchi. But the flash-forward told us this wasn't Hundred, but Dragonar level fanservice.

Speaking of which, Hayuru really got McFluffed.

Kizuna appeared to be just concentrating on the job at hand. At least he found Hayuru's weak points: her back and her butt cheeks. Good to know.

From the flash-forward, we also got the sense that the actions scenes are not the girls blasting away generic alien robots. Oh no. The action scenes are the McFluffing scenes. I can envision myself rooting for the girls to get battle damage so Kizuna will have to play the healer role in their quest party. Er, this is sci-fi, right? I guess he's the medic and mechanic.

What took all the creepiness out of this scene was McFluffer's older sister Reiri loudly telling him what to do, what to touch and what to grab. Still, at least Kizuna was self-aware enough to think that no matter how you look at it, he's just feeling up some girl.

The climax, heh, was the bare breasted transformation scene. Up until then, we had been teased with erect nipples and areolas, but we got the full nipple in the well-animated CGI sequence. It looked almost like ufotable doing God Eater.

We learned that Aine has the code word "Zeros" for her Heart Hybrid Gear. Hayuru has "Neros." Kizuna is embarrassed to say his fitting word, "Eros." I wonder what Yurishia has.

Well, for better or worse, I'm committed to covering this mediocre plot with excellent uncensored fanservice. I'm already looking forward to seeing the next installment of McFluffer and the McFluffies.

I'm sure the End Cards are going to be glorious as well.

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