Sunday, July 03, 2016

10 Second Anime - Shokugeki no Soma S2 - Episode 1

Yukihira competes against Alice in the next round of the Autumn Elections. 2nd Season Premiere.

Episode 1 - "What Fills the Box"


The second season of Shokugeki picks up right where the first season left off. It's the Autumn Elections, Yukihira got enough points to join the final 8 competitors and even though he got fewer points than the king of spice Hayama, more judges gave him higher points than the other guy, meaning Yukihira would have won a shokugeki.

The structure of the episode is the same as before, with spectators and judges explaining stuff for the viewers.

There was a bit of bookkeeping for the fans to show where all the other characters were and what they were doing, but they quickly set up the episode and the contestants.

I believe the final rounds are head-to-head eliminations, so Yukihira was going to have a tough time against the modern gastronome Alice who had the highest points during the prelims.

The theme for this round was "bento," the traditional Japanese box meal. Alice went with a sushi based dish to go with lunch that can be served cold.

Yukihira went the other way, using the new thermos like lunch box to keep a portable lunch hot.

The difference between the two was how Yukihira also added the extra feature of a home-made bento: the little surprises the diner finds as he eats from the top to the bottom.

The reactions and "foodgasms" follow the quality we saw last season. Mixing the sexy with the funny has always been a hallmark with how people react to the awesome tastes that blast through their mouths.

Alice took the stage with her cooking, so her playful and slightly off personality had a chance to show her views on cuisine and to bounce off Yukihira for laughs. This also meant she was the focus of great sexy fanservice.


Right off the bat, Alice came through with the sexy foodgasm.

Let's not forget the queen of foodgasms. Erina featured in the opening credits so we all know the sexy star of the show.

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