Sunday, April 14, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Amazing Stranger - Episode 2 - Nona Eats Snacks Watches TV

After Nona found out she was "fictional," she just watched TV and ate snacks all day.

Nona's assistant droid Ozma came to life too, and he figured out quickly that they were anime characters that were just sold as toys to a lonely bachelor. Bouida, Otaku-kun to you and me, showed Nona all the media that depicted her, but she found the "thin volumes" he kept to himself.

Otaku-kun took Nona's waifu status so seriously, he even filled out a marriage license with her name on it. Nona found this other piece of memorabilia and told him not to look at any other girls. Welp, that plan was ruined as soon as his little sister Mikoto walked in to find him talking to living figurine.

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