Sunday, April 14, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Amazing Stranger - Episode 1 - Nona Gets Up Confused

Nona the figurine fell over, but Nona the anime character woke up, confused and wondering where she was.

From the opening credits, it looks like Nona is going to get some figurine friends to join her in the otaku's apartment.

Nona's last memory was posing for a stone carver in the anime but then she woke up on a coffee table in front of a sofa.

Otaku-kun only just bought his figurine, so he didn't notice that Nona had no joint seams but was poseable, parts of her were softer than others, and her costume was cast-off. Nona's self-defense mode kicked in and she shot up the rude giant's apartment.

Otaku-kun thinks he should try to play along with Nona's character instead of telling her the truth that she's just a doll he bought. All the goods he has, like the bonus disk with her planet's version of our Voyager disk, will be pretty hard to explain for much longer.

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