Monday, March 11, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Pastel Memories - Episode 10 - Ayaka Hot for BL

Ayaka, as the resident megane girl, has to fill the fujoshi quotient for shipping male characters in a shounen fighting manga.

Irina warned everyone to get away from Ayaka when she takes her glasses off, because she then gets grimly serious about male relationship themes, overtones, and undertones in shounen titles. Nejiusa gets fired up in the usual way over the action in a gang leader fighting manga.

Ayaka, Michi, Nao, and Nejiusa broke out all the conventions in fighting different gang leaders to get to where Maya had caused the virus infection. Ayaka had one more time to bore Maya about the deep relationships in this particular world before her big boss robot went crazy and Ayaka had to finish it off using the fiery spirit of all the defeated leaders who became "brothers."

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