Sunday, March 10, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Ikkitousen Western Wolves - Episode 3 - Chouhi Strikes at Himiko

Chouhi arrived just in time to fight the seemingly invincible Himiko with her new staff weapon and her guts.

Koutetsu made a halberd which rivals Kan'u's own staff weapon. Chouhi just needed to be strong enough to use it and she showed that she had the potential.

Meanwhile, Hakufu got her groove back the best way she knew how - fighting a whole bunch of fighters from another school. She also met her actual little sister Sonken.

Everyone tried to protect Gentoku from having to give up her magatama to Himiko, but even the pairing of Kan'u and Ryoumou wasn't strong enough. And Ryoumou even had her sadistic maid outfit with her...

Chouhi finally arrived, but she still hadn't figured out how to attack consistently with her new staff. After Gentoku blocked a water attack, Chouhi learned to access her ki and just power her way through Himiko's defenses. She got promoted to an S-Class Fighter at the same time.

It turned out Chouhi hadn't really defeated Himiko; she only defeated an apparition like those fox spirits. The real Himiko reported her findings of strong fighters to her real boss. Meanwhile, Chou'un and Komei talked about a new fighter making her appearance - Chuubou Sonken, Hakufu's little sister.


There was a bit more NSFW stuff going on in the last episode of this OVA series from the second, because we had dress break battle damage, some water based cleansing scenes, and inner mind nudity. There was still a naughty celestial ray to hide the crotch-shots, though.

Koutetsu and the twins found themselves on the sharp end of Chouhi's halberd. It was a good scene to show Chouhi really did have the potential to match Kan'u's strength.

Ryoumou, Kan'u, and Hakufu did a little bit of naked resting before rejoining the fight. Hakufu was a bit further away, obviously, and she should know that Sousou could "see" her beautiful body behind his blindfold.

Himiko was totally overpowered, blasting Chuukou and Gentoku's blouses to smithereens.

Chouhi finally figured out how to push her ki into her attacks, leveling up her magatama, and defeating Himiko's apparition. These three episodes just covered a Chouhi training and leveling up story.

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