Sunday, March 10, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Fairy Tail Final Season - Episode 299 - Lucy Kicks Jacob

Lucy gave Jacob quite the surprise attack after he thought he had sent everyone in the Fairy Tail Guild Hall to his other dimension.

Ultear offered to let one of the Sky Sisters access Third Origin, where they take all of the growth in magic power from the future and use it all up, the caveat being they can never use magic again. Shelia sacrificed her future magic to save Wendy and defeat Dimaria.

Jacob, the assassin of the Spriggan 12, raided the guild hall and thought he would have an easy time interrogating Mavis after everyone else disappeared, but he didn't count on Lucy having the protection of Celestial Spirits, like Horologium the clock, or Natsu getting his second wind.

Jacob then thought he could torture Natsu by making Lucy's dress disappear, but Natsu had seen it all before. Happy had seen it all before too... Unfortunately for Jacob, his heart is too pure for this kind of technique, and Lucy and Natsu took advantage of his closed eyes by giving him a combination kick. He's angry now!

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