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10 Second Anime - Toaru Majutsu no Index III - Episode 22

The angel form of Misha Kruezhev battles the forces of Academy City and the united front of Princess Carissa and the Maiden of Versailles.

#22 - "Angel Power (Gabriel)"


Sasha, while riding that convenient monorail, explained that the Star of B'tselem signaled the coming of the Son of God. We could have used that information last episode, because it gives a pretty good clue that Fiamma is trying to create something like the Messiah so he can become "kamijou," above God. It's kind of intriguing that there already is a Kamijou on that floating island. He's riding that convenient monorail too.

It also appears that the actual superpower of the kamijou, Touma Kamijou that is, besides his right hand, is drawing lolis to himself so they can explain things to him. I don't know how he found Sasha Kruezhev, but he just walked right into some building and there she was, ready to give him answers. Reluctantly, of course.


Stiyl and Index are setting up the end game for the season.

Fiamma's floating island is made up of many individual spells, so Touma can't undo the whole thing with just one touch.

Sasha was necessary to invoke her angel Misha, but it looks like Fiamma is using that remote control thing to separate it from her.

Fiamma is conveniently missing those magic conversion notes that Accelerator has. He's going to need those if he's going to screw over the Russian Church and do things on his own instead of relying on Russian sorcerers.

Rikou is cured, so there goes all of Hamazura's good luck. Oh, they need to go back to that village because there's some old nuke nearby the army is going to use. Hamazura's outrageous fortune just came back.

Accelerator just now figured out that Touma knows way more about how things work in this world than he does. Late to the party, pal!

Touma is puzzled how Sasha is still herself, yet her angel is separated from her. Sasha is puzzled why Gabriel, who is affiliated with water, is up there and not her fire angel Michael, especially when the ritual extracting her had many fire elements in it.

Not surprised to see Acqua here, but how did Carissa and Versailles Maiden get to Russia so fast? And when did they become besties?

William Orwell is miffed that Fiamma is doing things on his own when Acqua is supposed to be the leader of the Right Seat of God. The archangel Gabriel is the source of all his water power too, but Fiamma is kind of narcissistic in using the Messenger of God to show off that the new power above God is about to come forth.

Gabriel's magic pattern must encompass the whole planet if the Vatican can see it out their windows.

The pope is about to do something about the actual library that Index merely references. I hope he has his own index system to find what he needs.

Archangel Gabriel talks like Aiwass.

Carissa has a fragment of Curtana. Versailles has Durandal. Does this Maiden really have no name?

Correction. Carissa has many fragments of Curtana. That archangel authority power is going to hold off Misha for quite a while.

And there's a monorail on the Star of B'tselem. Sasha doesn't know why and doesn't appreciate being asked. But she's riding it anyway.

Oho. Kazakiri Angel is here to take names and kick angel butt!

We really need to get the Misaka sisters involved here. Maybe next time when the two big booby angels are fighting each other.

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