Friday, February 01, 2019

Omake ScreenCap - Date A Live S3 - Episode 4 - Loli Spirits

All the loli Spirits (and Origami) had a fun time and were well taken care of during their temporary status change. They got better!

Reine, the nominal adult of this Spirit dating operation, showed up to help Shido care for the sudden influx of pre-teens. She looks nice wearing attractive clothes, but she still needs more sleep.

Meanwhile, DEM Industries, some kind of contractor/competitor to AST went after Natsumi, but she was rescued by her Spirit compatriots. Still in loli form, of course.

Ellen of DEM decided to extort Origami's help in capturing Spirits since her current support staff were pretty terrible at their jobs, even with better equipment than AST. At the same time, Shido and the other Spirit girls did a makeover on loli Natsumi to convince her that her usual form was plenty cute.

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