Sunday, February 10, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Mahou Shoujo Tokushusen Asuka - Episode 5 - Sacchuu Spirit Punch

Sacchuu is more than a magical girl's support fairy. He takes out the trash with his brass spiked knuckles!

Continuing on from last episode, Abigail went after Kurumi as Asuka faced off against the Russian sorcerer mercenaries. Commisioner Miura (she has a name!) signed off on the M Squad entering the battle zone and Kaede was ready. Unfortunately, Abigail was also ready to show why those scissors were so sharp against Nozomi.

Abigail is an "illegal" magical girl. Perhaps not registered and definitely not sanctioned by a government body is more accurate. Magical Girl Barber Scissors Abby is also a pretty poor name compared to War Nurse, Rapture, or Just Cause.

Meanwhile, Asuka showed those mercenaries why the only way to beat a magical girl is with another magical girl. She can transform her weapon and go into berserker mode, which uses up her magic faster. Sacchuu did not helpfully explain how magical girls replenish their magic.

Kurumi had a tough time with Abby because the crazy cutter brought a couple of friends with her. These magical girl fights do not have a lot sparkles, spins, or shiny magic wands.

This "queen" still doesn't have a name, but she does wear a mask when she suits up as a magical girl in her own right. The M Squad came in to help Kurumi and pin down Abby just long enough for Asuka to get serious. Masked Magical Girl had other ideas, and just scooped up Abby to recover her injured form. I'm still speculating that the "queen" is Francine, and Asuka's feeling of familiarity keeps adding hints and clues.

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