Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Kakegurui XX - Episode 5 - Kirari Number 1

There could be no doubt over who would take the early lead in the month long election betting process. Kirari was the student council president for a reason.

There were other notables in the top ten besides Yumeko and Kirari. Mary is right up there, but I want to see more of Miraslava. Meanwhile, Sumika at 7 and Yumemi at 3 are the focus of this episode.

Yumemi has been leveraging her idol fan club for votes. Kirari has run into a problem of running out of challengers because the smart ones don't like her betting style. She's not going to have as much fun as Yumeko without gambling matches.

Yumemi has come to Yumeko to reprise their Dreaming Creaming Sisters group to gather more votes. Yumeko would rather gamble and the sudden appearance of Hollywood star Natari challenging her is a big deal. Natari is using Sumika's chips for the match and Yumemi makes sure she's involved to play against her own personal idol.

Mary has a Ririka problem because she won that last match. Ririka's promise of loyalty somehow includes following her around like a puppy.

The big match between the Dreaming Creaming Sisters and Natari is like Yumeko's first time gambling against Yumemi. Some stage popularity contest and then some kind of gambling later. Yumemi and the audience were blown away by Natari's performance and now the next part of the gamble matters much more.

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