Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Eromanga-sensei - OVA 1 [BD] - Elf Mama Tosses Sunglasses

It's easy to see from where Elf gets her over-dramatic tendencies by the entrance her mother made when she first spied Izumi.

Elf is getting ready for some fancy Christmas time party. I guess we'll have to find out what it is by watching the OVA!

Even Sagiri is getting dressed up! But she's only going by watching on Skype as the rest of the young authors attend Elf's big publication milestone party. Somehow, changing outfits is very important for Elf's function.

The big drama of the OVA gets brought in by Elf Mama as she orders Izumi to break up with her daughter, she'll be choosing her husband for her, and she's coming back to America that night. Obviously, none of these things happen; the first thing being impossible since Elf exaggerated the terms of her relationship to Izumi by using sketchy selfies.

All the outfit changes were necessary because Elf had put together a huge song and dance number for her thank you speech. Elf sang a song to her mother about how she'll find love on her own terms.

Things turned into a real Christmas Eve date between Izumi and Elf as they walked home. She even got to seriously declare her love without jokes or interruptions.

The end credits flashed back to Elf right at the beginning of the OVA and ended with all her instagram shots of the publication milestone celebration.

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