Monday, January 28, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Pastel Memories - Episode 4 - Saori Hops Up and Down

The prologue hinted that this week's bunch of girls would be doing something athletic and possibly generic-brand Ro-Kyu-Bu! related.

The trio this week includes the very bouncy Saori, nicknamed "Doc" because she invents steampunk stuff like their battle uniforms. And she usually keeps them on her person, close to the vest, so to speak.

We are indeed in the world of generic brand Ro-Kyu-Bu where Maya is insistent on erasing little girls' beloved memories. She also raged at stories like this one because it makes men care more about grade-schoolers and is why she's not married yet. Saori, Komachi, and Rei think there's a more obvious reason Maya hasn't already found a man.

Falling into Maya's trap, the girls agree to a basketball game to rid the world of the otaku virus. The basketball coach has some strange coaching ideas for the trio, but they all ended up being uncannily relevant for their magical opponents.

The girls won their game, but it all ended up in a magical steampunk girl fight anyway.

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