Monday, January 28, 2019

10 Second Anime - Sword Art Online - Alicization - Episode 15

Kirito and Eugeo make their way up the tower meeting strange girls and more Integrity Knights.

Episode 15 - "The Relentless Knight"


Besides seeing how the attack mechanics of the Idea really work well against Integrity Knights when they don't have one, which is just applying what we've learned to the action sequences now, we're also seeing how really messed up this Administrator lady really is.

The two little girls, Fizel and Linel, identify themselves as Synthesis Numbers, meaning they have their own false memories of their origins (just born in the tower, sure), but they're not Integrity Knights. They're leftovers from a failed resurrection sacred art experiment. This means that Administrator at one point stole 30 kids or more just to have them kill each other over and over again until they all failed their resurrection by going crazy or bodily blowing up.

I'd like to see Administrator explain why and how she chose the method of extracting an identity-making memory to install her own identities in her Syntheses. Perhaps she saw how brittle their Ideas became for generating powerful attacks and compensated them with uniquely powerful weapons? That leads nicely into themes of individual will being stronger than any random weapon, but if you have both, you're going to do pretty well in this game. Looking at you, Kirito.

The last stray development coming out of that concept of the Idea powering attacks is that an opponent can psychologically weaken one's Idea by introducing doubt into an Idea that is too much based on a personal trait. Eugeo's Idea of rescuing Alice might take a hit if Alice doesn't want to be rescued, but perhaps if it's constructed more as reuniting with a lost love, even a rejection from a false identity won't break Eugeo's spirit.


Kirito is not good with scary, stabby kids.

Yup. That's a poison dagger in the gut.

What a messed up origin story for these two little girls, Fizel and Linel.

Administrator's resurrection sacred art only works if the there's no psychological trauma attached to the death. Good luck making that work for anything other than euthanasia.

Kind of odd that the girls have been made "apprentices" instead of Administrator just disposing of them. Maybe she has a soft spot still.

Sure, let's just drag these incapacitated bodies up the 50 stories worth of stairs. These ten year old girls are pretty strong to just throw Kirito and Eugeo onto the floor.

Ho. That sneaky Kirito saw through the whole thing and even prepared an anti-poison spell.

Whoo. This Fanatio Synthesis Two has frickin' laser beams.

Ah. She's a lady. And she has a complex about it. Specifically dudes not fighting her seriously because she has a pretty face.

Kirito will kick her ass no matter what gender she is. He's all egalitarian like that.

Fanatio's Idea got weaker without the helmet. That dude she wants to be weak for must be in the memory that got taken out.

Ah yes. Kirito the game breaker's words are as dangerous as his sword. But he also got mad that Fanatio's indiscriminate sunbeam bomb hurt her pretty face.

Just in time. Eugeo's super attack has icy blue thorny vines.

And awesome cliffhanger. Let me show you my ultimate sword attack... next episode!

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