Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Pastel Memories - Episode 2 - Izumi Slides

Izumi figured out how to solve a super slippery slime problem - don't! Use it for your own purposes!

The team of Izumi, Ayaka, and Irina found that the Usagi (rabbit) Cafe was being turned into the Unagi (eel) Cafe by the virus controlled by the Black Elites, which is how we're introduced to the Big Bad (in many sexy ways) Maya.

The girls of the Rabbit Cafe were thankful their world was saved and Not-Chino taught Ayaka how to make better coffee for their own Rabbit Shed Cafe. Chimari showed how the virus being eradicated made everyone remember the manga again.

The end credits are amazing! And these girls are thiccccc. It's just too bad we'll never see them drawn or animated this nicely during an episode, but it's clear this late-night anime knows its audience well and wants them to buy their merchandise.

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