Thursday, January 17, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Go-toubun no Hanayome - Episode 2 - Miku Blushes

Miku's reaction to being asked whether she liked someone was very suspicious. Very suspicious!

Somehow, Fuutarou convinced the Nakano girls to take an exam to assess their weaknesses in school. Altogether, they combined for 100 points... Itsuka doesn't like their shortcomings being pointed out, no matter how truthful the observation is. Miku becomes the first girl Fuutarou tries to recruit for his tutoring because of her love of historical figures from the Japanese warring states period.

Fuutarou tried winging his knowledge of arcane trivia, but Miku discovered the shallowness of his true command of the subject and cast him from her favor.

Fuutarou studied up on Miku's favorite subject and tried to regain her confidence, but she wasn't having it and even pulled the first impersonation joke of the season to get away from him. After a literal race through many of the famous names of the past, Fuutarou convinced Miku to open up why she doesn't want to study.

Miku was inspired by Fuutarou's conviction that she could handle studying and bashfully joined Yotsuba in the girls' first tutoring session.

The end credit song showed the girls having equal chances in becoming a bride for a certain someone.

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