Sunday, December 09, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - Anima Yell! - Episode 10 - Uki Hugs Kana

Uki totally loved it when Kana said she was acting like a boyfriend apologizing for Kohane instead of a mother figure.

The Cheerleading Club's next assignment was helping the Manga Club stay awake to complete a deadline. Some of the cheer club members needed more watching over than the artists drawing manga.

Modeling poses was a helpful task too, but a couple of the girls could barely maintain their composures.

It really wasn't fair to compare the artsy girls' work with whatever Hizume tried to draw on the Cheerleading Club poster. I thought it was a horse, to go with her horse-themed name, but she claimed it was a bunny. Oookay.... Meanwhile, Kotecchan took her job seriously with ruler whacking, but instead of saying "men!" like in kendo, she shouted "char siu ra-men!"

Hizume suggested a summer training camp and her father's friend's dojo by the beach just happened to be free. The girls had all sorts of ideas about what their week would be like, but Hizume mainly liked the idea of running on the beach.

Hizume's other plan was to get closer to newest member Kana. Pronouncing her name "Hanawa" is turning into a running joke. Kana's "admiration" for her senpai adds complications to Hizume's plan, but running on the beach still happened, just with socks and sneakers with swimsuits.

Kana has it bad for Hizume. She claims Hizume can make flowers bloom just by standing in a field. That's, uh, devotion?

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