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10 Second Anime - Sword Art Online - Alicization - Episode 10

Eugeo breaks the Taboo Index trying to stop a cruel act of kidnapping and sexual assault. Kirito and Eugeo see familiar faces in the aftermath.

Episode 10 - "Taboo Index"


Well, what did you think happens in rigid class systems where higher ranks can legally do whatever they want to the lower ranks? It was a big deal when the Enlightenment came around to replace the Feudal System with one where the government or state's primary purpose was to protect and secure individual human rights. That is apparently not where we're at in this Underworld place.

Eliding past the prurient details of kidnapping, false imprisonment, assault, battery, and sexual assault, I got questions. Exactly how many rules are there in this Taboo Index? Like, two? Don't cause another's durability numbers to go down and don't cross the human boundary line? Because it doesn't look like any of those other things I mentioned above, like rape, are actually taboo.

I think a telling litany of words came from Raios as he glitched while dying. Blood. Life. Taboo. If he weren't bleeding to death and incapable of doing Sacred Arts without his hands, would he have gone Code: 871 on Humbert to save his own life? There's a key to those three words and how the Alicization process might work to break these artificial souls from their rigid sets of rules.

I wonder if anyone who has actually broken the Taboo Index has been "punished" by the Integrity Knights. The Sentinel and Knights might be there only to identify the Alicization candidates, since this whole virtual world is set up to create murder bots. Azurica-sensei appears to be under the impression that Eugeo and Kirito aren't going to be put to death after being taken by the Integrity Knight, so maybe some of the NPC's have figured this out already.

One thing I'm disappointed in was Kirito's scene with Raios. I wanted Raios to try to freeze Kirito under the Basic Imperial Law rules, like he did to Eugeo, and see him fail. Kirito is not a Commoner, so maybe only the Taboo Index and the school rules would apply to him. Perhaps that gives away too much about Kirito to the other characters too soon.

And finally, we hadn't seen Alice, the Sentinel, or Code: 871 since the prologue, and we got all three in the span of 5 minutes in the 10th episode. We're finally getting back to the interesting stuff for me - Kirito finding out how to break the game.


Ugh. We're coming to one of THOSE scenes aren't we? Please don't let there be a head in a basket...

Okay, we knew Raios and Humbert were bad guys, but hashish den incense and wine kind of bad? Those poor girls are going to be in a bad end hentai scene.

Freak. Look at Raios' freakishly long tongue.

Crap. Netorare bondage and rape. Let's get to the cutting arms off already.

System Alert Code: 871. It didn't blow up Eugeo's eye the last time.

Ha! Take that. Stopping Raios' sword is no big deal, but don't call him a goblin! *taking notes - goblin is the worst insult in Underworld*

Wow. Humbert is lucid enough to tell Raios off about breaking the Taboo Index for taking his blood. Apparently kidnapping and rape aren't in there.

Glitched! How often is this game patched anyway? At least it doesn't have gacha or loot boxes...

Blood. Life. Taboo. Maybe there's only three rules in the index. Don't take blood; don't decrease life; and don't touch some arbitrary line by tripping.

Oh, hey there, dude face in a nebula. Long time no see.

Sentinel guy says, "Singular Unit detected." That's Eugeo, not Kirito.

And that's over with. I liked the part where there was blood everywhere, but the little bit that mattered to Tiese was Eugeo's on his cheek.

Azurica-sensei! Coming to take you away! And give you a new eyeball. She said she was never able to break some seal. Probably the rules about commoners disobeying nobles.

That Integrity Knight looks familiar...

Yeah! Here we go. Enough of this waving wooden swords crap. Let's find out more about Alice Synthesis 30!

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