Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Finds from the Grind - Sunny Up There

I had to deal with variable weather going up to Mount Wilson on May 19, 2018.

One thing you notice about climbing up a mountain on a bike, besides how much it hurts and how long it takes, is that elevation really matters to clouds or fog layers. I always have a lot of fun guessing where I'll finally get above the cloud layer and what it will look like.

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That's the Instagram picture I took standing on the side of the road before I got to the top of Mount Wilson. It looks so solid, but when you're inside it, it's just boring misty fog.

The problem with a marine layer is not going up through it - it's going back down through it. Smacking floating moisture in the face is very different at 30 mph than at 8-10 mph. I had to put my arm warmers back on. I had to worry about my sunglasses getting fogged up and then road grit getting in my eyes when I took them off. That stuff was not fun, but it really made it feel like an epic ride for about 10 minutes of descending. And dangerous, because of the lack of visibility for the cars.

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