Monday, December 17, 2018

10 Second Anime - Senran Kagura Shinovi Master - Tokyo Youma-hen - Episode 10

The shinobi girls go to a certain hot springs town and meet Fubuki there. After fighting Fubuki, Kagura realizes how to end the conflict between shinobi and youma.

#10 - "TWO HEARTS"


After getting all the shinobi girls together in the hot springs town, and making sure there's no fighting in the spa, I had to wonder, what was the point of the Shinobi Masters tournament? All the senior ninjas had disappeared inside that volcano, so it appeared to be an opportunistic event to demoralize the junior ninjas watching the event as youma descended on Tokyo and defeated the battered ninja girls on hand. Perhaps Fubuki didn't count on Kagura giving up in the early rounds, so she could be fresh enough to put up that Super Shinobi Kekkai barrier and make all the girls fight in their underwear? Except for Ikaruga...

So, if a major operation was thwarted, is this youma gate also just opportunistic? Granted, the bulk of the talented writing for this season so far has come from the foreshadowing, but that doesn't rescue the ill-conceived plots from their poor foundations. That just means we know certain things are going to happen. Why they're happening and why now? Those are different questions not getting the good writing.

The only thing I can think of is that Fubuki totally knew about the youma thing at the volcano and just went with the flow with Gekkou and Senkou as a way of taking out other strong ninjas and playing mind games with the others. That whole "justice" thing was a way to waste time before the main event of the next big youma gate opening. It would have been nice for the show to handle that exposition instead of me constructing an apologia for the plot.


We're deep into the season, so you can expect animation quality to take a big dip. Who are these girls on the screen?

Oh, so Kagura and Naruku just happen to have a place to hang out before the youma hits the fan? Traditional hot spring inn? Of course!

Fubuki is there too! No fighting at the inn! Those are the rules for Japanese civil society.

Nice. The other girls are already there and battling it out onsen style. Strip table tennis for the win!

I'm totally not a fan of this fuma korin technique if it messes up ninja breasts that badly. Asuka, no! Find another way!

Hrm. Steam censoring butt cracks? What show am I watching here? There must be crotch lines that people don't like...

Fubuki looks fine to me, so why does she still wear all those bandages? Theory - she grew up with her youma markings and got in the habit of wrapping them up, which she still does even though she can suppress them now.

Fubuki still has the sword and shield token Kurokage gave her. Kagura recognizes a pathway to victory here. Because ultimately, it's all about redemption.

Ha. Yumi is usually the quiet one, but with Fubuki being the laconic one, Yumi is the nervous chatterbox.

Confirmation - Fubuki's father was the shinobi and her mother was the "ultimate youma." Ninjas couldn't kill her, but they found a way to seal her. The fuma korin technique means that the sealed youma can never again return to this world. Effectively killing Fubuki's mother. No mention of what happened to the father afterwards.

Homura asked a good question - if Fubuki's mother was the "ultimate youma," who was the powerful ninja that sealed her? Speculation - Fubuki's father sealed her away and died from its side effect.

Kagura is good. But she's not fighting Fubuki seriously. Naraku even recognized she could have killed her at several points. The key is, Kagura knew the best victory lies in Yumi and Asuka's way, so she pulled back. Very mature.

Next time, that big youma hole in the side of the mountain is looking pretty bad.


Being in an onsen town means lots of NSFW girl talk in the hot springs!

The best girl talk is naked girl talk!

And see? Kagura really does know what we need. We needed to see her naked in her mature form before the season was over! Kagura, banzai!

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