Monday, December 24, 2018

10 Second Anime - Toaru Majutsu no Index III - Episode 12

Princess Carissa moves quickly to take control of the British Empire. A former hero knight returns to rescue Princess Vilian.

#12 - "Mercenary"


We're deep in the middle of all sorts of subplots and side stories going on around the main one of Princess Carissa staging her coup. The one that was foreshadowed by Princess Vilian's wistful look at an empty sword wall mount started up with William Orwell's return. Everything else was fun and funny stuff with the characters we've just been introduced to. My favorite was the Queen - she totally just goes with the flow.

Whoa. Index actually did some real work. Too bad she's basically helping Carissa start a war against the French.

Yay! Fallen Angel Sexy Maid is back! Boo! Kaori got defeated real quick. The reason? The Knight Leader is basically an angel class monster because of how the British Order works. She didn't have Spiky-kun nearby to have her Saint powers wear down an Angel like Acqua.

He came back. I think that was the big deal with the William Orwell entrance. I enjoyed how many times everyone said it.

Touma is such an airhead when it comes to girls. Yeah, that outfit that girl has on the train should look familiar. The other girl on you were just carrying around with Oriana was wearing the same thing. I forgive you for being distracted by Oriana, though.

Ha. The Queen cracks me up. "Good show," for getting the real Curtana Original! Her banter with Laura is hilarious too. Yes, that lorry driver made the right choice in not letting Laura hitchhike.

Next time, William Orwell gets serious against the Knight Leader. Hopefully we get to more of some "witch tail" the knights are always chasing.

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