Tuesday, December 25, 2018

10 Second Anime - Senran Kagura Shinovi Master - Tokyo Youma-hen - Episode 11

The shinobi girls battle youma as Asuka seals them. Yumi confronts Fubuki, who has conflicting emotions about her past.



I wish I knew more about the Senran Kagura video games, because then I might appreciate the episode titles more and why they're even in all caps. Oh well.

As I suspected, it was indeed Fubuki's father who sealed her mother in an act of love, and then immediately died thereafter. Asuka has been lucky so far in only sealing youma fodder, so that she's only experiencing a slow motion death. The big one she sealed in Tokyo apparently counts as a buttload of youma fodder, but her life is at immediate risk if she seals Rasetsu.

It was also good to see just how Fubuki came to live with Kurokage and Yumi. A random encounter with an injured and intelligent youma such as Rasetsu was all it took. The flashbacks were also emotionally effective in tying that happy past association with Fubuki's current fight with Yumi by using similar body motions and positioning. Obvious and ham-handed, but effective. This is all going as Kagura foresaw.

Now, we need to find out a way for Asuka to heal her beautiful breast, because that growing sore is bad business.


Aw. Murasaki fell without her mask on. She got better.

Leave it to Katsuragi to come up with a plan that blatantly calls out the character designers' need to hit all the sexy girl typecasting. Yes, Mirai. You are flat. Go hang out with Ryoubi and complain together some more about injustice. Oh, that already happened!

Confirmed - youma are lesbians who like sexy young ninjas.

Uh oh. Asuka's secret about the sealing side effects got out. With how often boobs go flying around out in the open, it's actually surprising Asuka kept it hidden for so long.

Rasetsu is a BBW.

This plot is moving right along. Yumi and Fubuki are going to have that heart to heart talk with their fists right now.

Aw. Little Fubuki and Yumi were adorable. Yumi should have remembered that flip thing Fubuki Big Sister did to her back then. Yumi even yelped the same way.

Fubuki still has Kurokage's sword and shield in her heart. Yumi is going to be there to teach her forgiveness. Uh, next episode.

Next time, it's a lie! Yumi's boobs can't be dead! How are the Gessen girls going to play paper, rock, boobs?


Even with Katsuragi the oppai-groper around, the battle action episode only afforded one girl with NSFW dress breaking. Why is it always Yumi's boobs? I think that question answers itself.

Two of these scenes were recycled transformation scenes, but at least we did get to see a slashed robe unleash the nipple. Thank you, Yumi, for taking one for the Kagura team.

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