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10 Second Anime - Senran Kagura Shinovi Master - Tokyo Youma-hen - Episode 9

The shinobi girls fight youma in the city. After Asuka seals a youma, Yumi finds out why from Fubuki.

#09 - "BURN"


This is how you can tell Asuka is the main heroine for the entire series. She's the keeper of secrets and she's the most radical revolutionary of the shinobi world, no matter what the supposed villains say. Become friends with rogue ninjas? Bah, that's against the rules! Except the ninja council approves this behavior from time to time. Become friends with evil ninjas? Bah, don't spoil my revenge! Except the ninja council has never allowed evil ninja to be killed outside of a mission. But what about becoming friends with youma? Uh oh.

The big revelation this episode, and it's tied to Asuka wanting to seal youma instead of killing them, is that Fubuki is half-youma. Her father must be the ninja half, since all the youma look like women. Asuka's revolutionary way of dealing with youma is the thing Fubuki hates the most, because it definitely falls into the "Don't get in the way of my revenge!" kind of reaction.

Unfortunately for Asuka, there's a physical toll that comes with using this technique. It's interesting that Kagura doesn't appear to have a preference for killing or sealing youma except for how one way damages the user. One less youma in this world is good enough for Kagura, but there may be a reason she appears young most of the time and only shows her true mature form in extreme circumstances. Maybe she already discerned Fubuki's half-youma nature when they first met.

One last thing about how the show has moved from end game battle tournament arc to three episodes in a hot springs town - this show is the best! It's so efficient with the foreshadowing! Who knew that the end credits was the ultimate epilogue montage for the entire season? Man, all praise to Senran Kagura!


It's been a while since I saw the previous season, but all youma are female, yes?

Youma are usually fodder, but they're tough because they swarm in numbers. Still, I'm thankful we'll be getting lots of panty flashes since we won't be getting dress breaks.

Oh, there's way too many of them. Kagura is going to do something to help.

Uh oh. Super Shinobi Kekkai Barrier. When Senran puts in a "super" anything that means more nudity.

Ha! Called it! "Frantic Mode!" Offensive power is increased at the expense of armor, or shinobi clothes.

Ho hoh! Ikaruga's shinobi transformation doesn't have it's own set of underwear? She's always fought "commando?" Yeah, Ikaruga!

Nice. Imu and Yagyu bonding over their respective fangirling on Miyabi and Hibari. Frantic Mode is awesome!

Meanwhile, Senkou and Gekkou are going to have their redemption/closure scene with Fubuki. Translation - another beatdown coming.

That is a large youma. But Ryouna will save the day! Huh?

Wait, she's not going to grow into a giant like she did in the Estival Versus OVA?

Of course. Ryouna's bondage play will be the key to victory...

Too bad there was one more terrible monster on the loose. The Katsuragi Boob Monster!

And we're back to the Christmas stuff like the first episode. Do you think only a week has happened in between time. Santa Crimson Squad must only work weekends, so a lot must have happened in a week.

Nice Yumi pout to get Asuka to spill about youma sealing technique and why she learned it.

Well, Asuka was saved by Fubuki in telling her everything because she's going to hear it from the original source.

It makes me wonder if Grandpa Kurokage killed Fubuki's mother the youma and her evil ninja father and took her in because she was orphaned.

But forget all that - Kagura feels a disturbance of youma and it's going to be in... a hot springs town! Hot springs are usually near volcanoes, right? It only makes perfect fanservice sense!


There was lots of fanservice as shinobi girls fought monsters in their underwear, but the only NSFW stuff happened because Ikaruga is kinky freak underneath that goody-two-shoes exterior and the twin sisters got their dress breaks going up against Fubuki.

Ikaruga should let her freak flag fly more often and more publicly.

Senkou and Gekkou got beaten by Asuka and an exhausted Yumi. If they couldn't beat the ones who couldn't beat Fubuki, how did they expect to win this battle? Well, at least we know what the hug pillow cases are going to look like for their characters.

This was kind of a serious thing, but it's still nudity since we see Asuka's nipple and some kind of poison spreading through the veins in her left breast. That doesn't look good and is doubly horrendous because it's defacing such a beautiful bosom.

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