Friday, November 30, 2018

10 Second Anime - Sword Art Online - Alicization - Episode 8

Kirito's duel with Volo demonstrates the power of imagination in Underworld.

Episode 8 - "Swordsman's Pride"


It's the Power of Imagination! That was the whole point of these last two episodes back in Underworld. You could also call it Visualization like in sports psychology, which athletes do before pole vaulting, hurdling, high jumping, or gymnastics. If you can see what you want to do in your mind, then you can do it. And that's how magic or combat techniques work in Underworld. Or even asking flowers to help some buddies out. This show has gone full Jedi and the Force.

The other interesting thing to happen is the voice Kirito heard in his head as he cried over his dying flowers. I assume it's the Blue Haired Goddess, but I'm just wishing it were so at this point. Odds are pretty good, though. Shouldn't the prankster god look over his lost children? If it were a prankster goddess who looked like that, I wouldn't mind all the snooping. Still wishing!


Fight! Uh, I mean, duel!

This Levantein family is pretty bloodthirsty. At least their swords are.

That condescending noble duo is worrying me. Are they vindictive enough to sabotage Kirito?

Kirito recognized Volo's sword stance as a sword skill from Aincrad. It's the Seed populating this virtual world, after all.

It seems those pricks just want to make insulting comments.

Didn't Kirito draw any blood from cutting Volo's shirt? Lucky guy, that Volo.

Azurica-sensei has skillz, yo.

Celebration in Liena's room? Oh ye... oh. She wants Eugeo and Golgorosso there too. Kirito got blocked in other ways today.

The emperor in Underworld seems pretty capricious if he can forbid an entire clan not to use a certain sword style.

Oh, here we go. Those pricks did something. "Don't let it go to your head!" They're salvaging their pride by saying a commoner used a "stunt" to force a draw with Volo. Pretty sure that's the first time Volo didn't win something.

Gah. Not the flowers for Liena! Whatever. Kirito can grow his harem with food, heroic rescues, and headpats.

Okay, okay. I guess this scene is important. He identified with the non-native species trying to grow in this northern land's harsh soil. It's a metaphor.

Kirito went crazy over dead flowers. He's hearing voices now.

It's the power of imagination! I'm assuming it's the hot chick in the tower talking to him. The Sacred Arts are just rote ways of imagining a way of breaking the rules of the virtual world.

No comeuppance scene for the sabotaging pricks? And Liena got her flowers after finally beating Volo.

The harem keeps growing. Kirito got these two (and their dorm mates) with pastries. This guy never stops! Will we need to remember the Pages Tiese and Ronie's names?

Eugeo just had to remind us that they went to the city to find Alice. Oh yeah, huh.

Next time, it looks like we're going to do some more class conflict stuff if I read the episode title correctly.

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