Thursday, November 29, 2018

10 Second Anime - Senran Kagura Shinovi Master - Tokyo Youma-hen - Episode 7

Yumi fights Fubuki as Kurokage's past is revealed through flashbacks and Fubuki's true plans come to light.



I figured we'd get flashbacks as Yumi and Fubuki fought, but I didn't know we'd get Kurokage's and Hanzo's flashbacks! As I suspected from last episode, it looks like we're getting the genuine plot points of what a second season of Senran Kagura would have shown as Asuka and Yumi became friends after their clash of opinions on Shinobi Justice.

Maybe the planners felt there just wasn't enough PLOT and ACTION to fill out 12 episodes of regular plot and action if the main story was about reconciling the Justice of the Sword and Shield with the Kurokage's ultimate Justice of the Moon. Six years later and many fun new video games and characters, we're up to our heaving bosoms in PLOT and ACTION now.

There were two very important points revealed during Kurokage's flashbacks. The first being that the Good Ninja Council tolerated the evil ninjas for the very specific reason of battling youma. Interestingly enough, Kurokage had never even encountered one at that point in his career. The idea that white and black ninjas can create a gray faction is very wise, since the creativity of the two sides in fashioning shinobi techniques to counter youma acknowledges how differing motivations and points of view can lead to very different solutions to very different problems. The Good Ninjas would probably never think of "dirty tricks" to beat opponents, but these techniques might be the very ones to defeat unfamiliar enemies like the youma.

The other important point was how Fubuki was introduced to Yumi before the Gessen school was founded. Where did she come from? Perhaps there will be time next episode for some short flashbacks, but considering how Fubuki declared war on both sides of the ninja world citing hypocrisy as her motivation, I can guess that Kurokage took her in after killing her evil ninja parents. Obviously, the best way to kill all the ninjas is to side with the Youma, which is why she has that three-eyed youma lady standing next to her. I'm curious to see if she has a name like Tagitsu, Takiri, or Ichikishima...


Ooh. Fubuki has a fan too, except it's black. Further confirmation of being taught by Kurokage.

Har. Kagura remembers Hanzo and Kurokage as being dumb, but pure.

Neat. That theme for all of Yumi and Fubuki's flashbacks come from Kurokage playing his harmonica.

Well, Kurokage and Hanzo can't go to a drink cart dressed like ninja, so they look like they just finished up some clerking at a warehouse.

Oh ho. Yume looks cute and has Yumi's eyes. Obviously the grandma.

Hanzo has nin nin ways of figuring out Kurokage and Yume were dating.

Ah. Kurokage's earlier sense of justice was really just revenge against evil ninjas for killing his parents.

Yumi has another shinobi transformation. Fubuki hasn't seen this technique before.

Naturally, the progression from Snow Woman would lead to Ice Queen.

More flashbacks - Kurokage was banished by the Good Ninja Council for attacking evil ninjas without a mission. Kurokage has no idea what youma are, but the council says all ninjas are necessary to fight them. And here we are, all caught up for why there are good and evil ninjas. Don't know where rogue ninja like Crimson Squad are supposed to go, but they're definitely necessary to form that gray faction fighting youma.

Nice. Yume is just out in public breastfeeding. Strange how Hanzo isn't a dirty old man at this point in his life.

Yume had twins. We know Yumi's father died, so what happened to her uncle or aunt?

Well, this can't be good. Yumi is in her evolved shinobi transformation and Fubuki hasn't even done her first form yet.

I hope we get an explanation for why Fubuki wears bandages like that, because she looks pretty nice in regular clothes. Not that you'd call some gothic lolita mashup of a china dress and kimono "regular" clothes.

Oh, so now Yumi remembers Fubuki as her "older sister" when she first lived with Kurokage after her parents' funeral.

As expected, Senkou and Gekkou didn't even know Fubuki's real plan - to declare war on good and evil ninjas using youma. Like this big talking one standing next to her.

Next time, it looks like there's a happy ending if Katsuragi has time to grope Asuka.


With a couple of shinobi transformations, dress breaking, and even breastfeeding, we had some nice NSFW scenes this week.

First we had Yumi's evolved form for the Ice Queen. I don't remember this from Estival... Yume's babies were never going to starve to death considering her maternal equipment. And it looks like Fubuki would enjoy some kind of bondage play considering how she likes being wrapped up in bandages for no apparent reason and her shinobi transformation gets her strapped up in that tight black dress.

Who knew that all Yumi needed to jog her memory was to free her breasts? Her squad mates like to get them out for rock-paper-boobs, so maybe they have other magical powers besides levitating certain male parts.

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