Friday, November 30, 2018

10 Second Anime - Toaru Majutsu no Index III - Episode 8

Amakusa regroups to counterattack Acqua. Kaori returns to oppose Acqua too, Saint against Saint.

#08 - "Saint Breakout"


The important point this fight against Acqua brought to light for the Index world is that to fight a Saint, you need another Saint. Amakusa thought they had compensated enough because they developed techniques after their Saint Kaori Kanzaki left them to support one, but also techniques to defeat one. The episode title refers to their trump card technique which is supposed to disrupt a Saint's ability to move by unbalancing their holy characteristics. Too bad for them that the former William Orwell is more than a Saint.

Too bad for the audience that they'll have to harp on this concept for two episodes as Saint Kaori returns to Academy City to take on Acqua. Well, it's also good for the audience that we see sexy Kaori again. We see the two Saints go toe to toe, but the next episode is going to show how Acqua's angelic powers from his Right Seat of God membership will confound Kaori. A Saint can take on a Saint, but an Angel is needed to suppress an Angel. Or maybe something better, which is what we see in the epilogue with Touma limping towards the fight. That's going to be a nice reunion between Touma and Kaori.


Spiky-kun is in the hospital, again. Those numbers on Touma's monitor are totally out of whack, unless they're not the numbers for heart rate, temperature, and blood pressure. If he's stressed out, I might accept 150 bpm while he's just lying there, but that 60 degrees for the temp is way too high for Celsius and that 51/29 blood pressure is way too low. Touma just got beat up and lost some blood, but surely he had a blood transfusion in the meantime.

Itsuwa states the obvious for this show - Touma is just some regular dude with a strange right hand. No magic or supernatural ability can work on him either, so no buffs or healing for him. Just smack him around and you can defeat him. Does chemistry count as magic? I don't think we ever got a ruling on whether regular fire can hurt Touma but we know he can stop magical fire.

Takemiya's tough love on Itsuwa is way too tough.

Ah. It looks like it worked, though. Itsuwa is way motivated now.

If I didn't have such a dirty mind, I wouldn't have giggled at all the Amakusa guys just polishing their weapons.

Itsuwa is way fired up. Blondie says a girl in love can go to war against even God. That's kind of what's happening here.

Yay! Ara, ara Orsola!

And my eyes glazed over with all the talk about how powers are supposed to work, until they don't against some other powers. The point is Acqua is OP as a Saint and having Angelic powers. His deal is being without Sin since his aspect is Gabriel talking to Mary the Mother of God.

That's a nice Saint Breakout technique. Too bad Acqua isn't merely a Saint.

Oh. Acqua got scared of something. Or someone.

And that someone was another Saint! Kaori!

Nice. Kaori actually cut Acqua. Things will be harder when he starts using his Right Seat of God stuff. Spiky-kun's right hand with a nicely timed Falcon Punch will save the day, I'm sure. Next episode.

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