Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san - OVA 2 - Nonko Chugs Beer

Nonko was suddenly reminded that she has no boyfriend after Oboro asked her for advice on getting closer to Kogarashi. Nonko needed a drink!

Sagiri found Oboro at her usual morning training spot after she had moved into the dorm. Since Oboro's main concern is making a baby with Kogarashi, Sagiri was not the best person to ask for advice, especially with her past bad luck with boys.

Oboro tried asking the other girls, with Yaya saying she likes food and then Oboro ruining Chitose's kitchen trying to cook. Nonko may have been the best one to ask as a romance manga artist, but she was frustrated that even her great boobs could not get her a boyfriend.

Yuuna said that people's hearts should grow closer together, but Oboro took that literally and jumped Kogarashi in his sleep to mash her chest against his. Yuuna didn't mean it like that!

In the other half of the episode, Koyuzu spent some time with Chisaki and her mom Hiyori during summer vacation. It's not surprise that Koyuzu loved Chisaki's boobs, but Mrs. Miyazaki had more than enough to share. The way Hiyori looks, it's understandable she would tell Chisaki that all men are wolves. Ruff, ruff, pant, pant! A nice moment happened when the Miyazaki's offered to take in Koyuzu, but she had to reluctantly refuse because her home was at Yuragi Inn.


Oh yes. This is the uncensored OVA and if your remember the first one, that was even released before the season started, you should know what NSFW adventures you'll be in for.

Oboro wants to get her heart closer to yours in the eye catch. Anatomically that is...

While modeling costumes for Nonko, Oboro got off track (or on track, heh) with thinking boobs are the absolutely necessary thing to get a man. Koyuzu's obsession with boobs didn't help either. What's funny is that Koyuzu's "adult version" still got the steamy censorship.

Koyuzu spending summer break at the Miyazaki house with Chisaki and Hiryori meant she was in oppai heaven. We were too. And yes, with how attractive mother and daughter are, all men should be wolves around them.

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