Tuesday, October 30, 2018

10 Second Anime - Senran Kagura Shinovi Master - Tokyo Youma-hen - Episode 3

Asuka attacks Yumi and Homura. Other ninja girls are invited to Shinobi Masters. Yumi's and Homura's squads go to a hot spring inn.



These episode titles are starting to get too obscure to a casual anime fan like me. I have no idea what "rocket dive" refers to. Special attack? Title to Murakumo's doujin? I dunno, but I hope it's tied to Asuka's lost sense of justice.

It seems to me that Asuka is fighting dirty to make sure her friends don't participate in this Shinobi Masters tournament, but Asuka should know better. Now they want to go to save her soul too! Baka Asuka!

Also, we've finally met all the girls who are in the onsen end credits. This one ninja girl who likes to treat youma as pets went straight to the current Kagura's temple. That's six girls introduced in one scene. Efficient.

Still, there is a nice mystery behind Asuka's motivations and what this Shinobi Masters thing is all about. Rin, the teacher in charge of the Evil ninjas never heard of it, so they decide to go. And Asuka's grandpa even closed down the sushi shop, so no one can ask him about it either. Boo! I need to see some Hanzou girls stuffing their mouths with big sushi rolls!


Oh, so now we're doing these little previews to show how sexy the episode is going to be. I just know there's going to be a lull in fanservice during the middle part of this season.

Asuka is depressed about justice, and then she attacked Yumi! This isn't good!

She hurt Yumi but Yumi did some dress break on her too.

These Gessen girls are always having fun after school.

Murakumo draws "serious" doujins about rangers fighting for justice. I'm sure she's going to need more "research" in anatomy at some point.

Uh, just how did Ryouna tie herself so tightly in that turtle shell bondage? That's talent for you...

Hebijou academy decided to help Hanzou because some outside party is going to break the balance in the shinobi world. Also, boo for no good scenes with Rin.

Ha! Ryouna and Ryoubi add great comedic relief here. "Got it, woof!"

Homura says Yumi needs healing at onsen! Of course!

Ah. There's that other bad shinobi girl. She pets youma, which is odd.

It's called Shinobi Hot Springs. Duh! There's a men's side, but we'll conveniently ignore all that.

And bam! Naked! No messing around in changing room. There's loads of fanservice to get to!

Hot springs hijinks! Murakumo needs "research," obviously, on other people's boobs.

Oh, there's that bad ninja challenging the Mikagura sisters at the Kagura temple.

Apparently, the prize at Shinobi Masters is to unleash the "ultimate youma" so Kagura can defeat it. Yeah, right.

This is amazing. Murakumo lives for the "oppai," but now she totally appreciates the "chippai." I'm going to be using that for flat is justice stuff from now on.

Wait, I didn't hear Asuka talking in Homura's head. How did she know to go to the roof?

Wow. Asuka is fighting dirty like an Evil ninja. Homura says Asuka's heart is confused.

Youch! Was that hot water in that tank? Well, Asuka isn't killing people. Yet.

Next time, it looks like the girls are studying for midterms. Hot tutor action!


Not only are the fights using NSFW dress breaking, but almost the whole episode happened in a hot spring. Banzai!

Confirmed - we will be recycling these Shinobi Transformation scenes. And unfortunately we did not get the full Homura version.

Ryouna is so thirsty!

The main highlights of the onsen scene were of Murakumo interacting with Haruka and Mira. There was plenty of cross-squad pairing up too.

Homura and Asuka's fight was great with Asuka's dress breaking. I suppose we had enough of Homura's bare skin in the spa, because we didn't have any nudity in her transformation scene and nothing from the fight except getting sliced and blasted with a jet of water.

Next time, finally an episode without a fanservice specific scene like a dressing room, an indoor pool, or a hot spring inn? Maybe we're in for a surprise!

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