Monday, September 03, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - One Room S2 - Episode 9 - Mashiro Closes Elevator Doors

You didn't give Mashiro the best of first impressions, so you shouldn't be surprised she tried to close the elevator doors in your face.

What were you thinking? You can't just take a picture of a girl without her permission in Japan! No wonder Mashiro started calling you Mr. Pervert.

So, you both found out you live in the same high-rise apartment building. If you pull anything else weird, she'll call the cops on you! Besides, Mashiro was doing gymnastics, not some weird pose.

Surprising you, office worker drone, Mashiro returned home in a business suit. She's not some junior high girl living on her own. She's college age, or just thereafter, trying to find work.

You discovered quite a bit about Mashiro when she came searching for you when the lights went out in her apartment. She tripped a circuit breaker when she was using her hair dryer... She must be living on her own for the first time. Anyway, the former rhythmic gymnast is starting to think you're okay, but she'll still call you Mr. Pervert. For now.

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