Monday, September 03, 2018

10 Second Anime - Grand Blue - Episode 4

Iori and Kohei's antics at the university Spring festival lead to surprising results in the women's and men's beauty pageants.

Episode 4 - "The Male Beauty Pageant"


This episode made some astute observations on how emotions can play on the idea of fairness. Towards the end, we saw Chisa get angry at how much Iori and Kohei did during the men's pageant to make some random girl feel better about being made fun of. Turning the dastard's cruel phrase back on himself in front of an audience was a special kind of revenge on behalf of someone else. But Chisa felt angry, perhaps even betrayed.

During Chisa's pageant, Iori and her big brother types from the diving club did things to humiliate her in front of an audience, ostensibly to help her win. During Kohei's time on stage, they did things to themselves and someone else, and won as a response to the outrageous prank. In Chisa's eyes, this was definitely not fair.

Iori has known Chisa way longer than the unfortunate Aina, yet he put so much more effort in helping a girl he's only known for an afternoon instead of his cute cousin he's known all his life. Plus Kohei has known her for weeks longer too. It's just not fair, which is why she was angry even though all the humiliating antics worked in their favor of winning both beauty pageants.

Chisa got her revenge though. Claiming Iori as her boyfriend will not only stop the college guys from hitting on her, they'll also be mad at Iori for not deserving her, and she'll get the women who don't like the men's attention on her mad at Iori too, not to mention the girls who like the tennis club's captain directing hate his way for shaming him in front of so many people. Way to go, Chisa!


Ha. All the dudes are cheering for the Izu Spring Festival, but Chisa not so much.

Well, the diving circle really is called Peek-a-boo. How the hell do these college circles choose their names anyway? The tennis circle is called Tinker Bell...

Nice. We get a little bit of Azusa fanservice. Chisa feels a little inadequate for how her hoodie can barely contain those Azusa's.

Aw. Azusa still thinks Iori swings both ways and she has a bisexual buddy to talk to about men and women things. Iori can't bring himself to hurt her feelings by telling her the truth.

Confirmed - Azusa's "types" are Tokita and Nanaka. She thinks Iori is totally into Kohei. So sorry, Kohei. Iori is going to put you through some confusing times for her sake.

Kohei's anime waifu is all over the place, including those superballs Iori is juggling. They may become important later.

Iori and Chisa have some good okonomiyaki teamwork going on.

Oho. Nanaka is prepared for Chisa's stage debut. Look at that telephoto lens!

Wow, that's some clown makeup. Isn't this Aina girl going to be the little girl from the opening credits? Talk about a college debut gone wrong.

Chisa is pretty, but her nervousness translates into a stern face. Her well-meaning but emotionally clumsy big brother types in Peek-a-boo are going to cause some trouble by "helping."

Kohei is the "expert" because of dating sims.

Um, those kind of smiles would piss anyone off, not just Chisa.

That crazy naked display isn't going to embarrass her either, since she sees it all the time at the diving shop.

Welp, we're back to good old sexual harassment. Preteen boys flipping skirts is kind of okay, but 20 year old college students? Bouncing superballs? Not okay. Funny, but not okay.

Ha! Serves him right. Iori knew Chisa would get mad at the skirt flipping, so he proposed everyone throw superballs, so she couldn't tell who did what. But they left him hanging!

So, Chisa has a baseball bat...

Whoa. Makeup girl just flat out hit on Kohei. Aw, sob story coming up.

Oh man, making Iori drink a two liter bottle of shouchuu. Now, that stuff is usually only 50 proof, but that's still a lot liquor to drink.

Guh, poor makeup girl getting drunk by herself. This is no good in college.

Iori and Kohei got a plan, thanks to Azusa's insider info.

Oh dayum. That prank is brutal. Making the campus prince confess to a girl in front of the other girls, get turned down, and it's a dude! "We've had our laughs, you can go home now." That is raw power!

And of course Chisa and Iori won their pageants.

Iori naked again and hungover on campus.

Chisa's revenge! Claiming Iori as her boyfriend in front of all those pissed off guys and girls. There will be lingering consequences. She's got raw power too.

Hopefully we get back to some tight swimsuits next week, once we get that Aina girl looking like a normal person.

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