Monday, September 17, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - One Room S2 - Episode 11 - Mashiro Realizes

After smushing you with her plushie, Mashiro had the sudden realization that she might like you a little more than yesterday.

Mashiro was reliving her rhythmic gymnast days in the courtyard when you got home from work. She just needed a little air after getting another job rejection.

You offered a suggestion to her for looking at jobs teaching gymnastics instead of office work. She was playfully miffed when you told her you were helping her out because it was fun.

Mashiro's heart went a little doki-doki when she looked into your eyes from too close. She took a shower to calm down.

Mashiro caught you looking at her gymnast picture and called you Mr. Pervert for "liking leotards." She then began to call you Big Brother in a definite sign of growing intimacy. Her time spent saying good night to you at her door is getting longer and longer.

Mashiro tried on her leotard again because "someone" said they liked it. Mashiro needs to be a little more honest with her feelings...

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