Sunday, September 16, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - Hanebado! - Episode 11 - Ayano Scares Yuika

Just to remind you that Ayano is still the villain of the show, she doesn't stay in the spaced-out look affected by her mother's return for very long before coming back to her evil plan face.

Nagisa came up with a plan to beat Ayano by taking advantage of how much she relies on her abilities instead of studying her opponents before a match. Nagisa figured out that Ayano makes a simple strategy based on the opening rally, but if you introduce too many variables, she starts to hesitate in her court positioning to anticipate where she needs to defend.

The more I see of Uchika, the more I realize she's really not smart or observant about anything else besides badminton. This thing with her daughter is going to be some really disappointing misunderstanding, highlighting how bad the writing is for this show.

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