Wednesday, September 12, 2018

10 Second Anime - Grand Blue - Episode 9

The diving club plays the King Game for many separate agendas. They also do a final shopping trip before traveling to Okinawa.

Episode 9 - "The King Game"


Naked drinking again. Oh, this is right after the dudes cock-blocked Mitarai.

Of course you can have a girlfriend. Just be prepared to die!

Mitarai asks the right question - how can anyone get a girlfriend if no one can?

How about getting girlfriends all at the same time... Oh, right. Have another mixer!

Why is it always Iori? Well, he's supposedly "dating" Chisa and knows "girls" from his club. Plus, they'll pay 50 bucks a head. It's fundraising for the diving club!

And Kohei and Iori go straight to tricking Chisa again instead of just asking first.

Let's play the King Game! Azusa and Nanaka have already sold out. Nanaka wants to play tricks on Chisa. Azusa wants to play tricks on Nanaka. Win-win!

Ha. Sleepoff vodka.

Okay, okay. They'll play one round. Azusa is smart! Everybody has to play until the end!

And again, Iori and Kohei's agenda gets found out. Too bad the mixer is going to be all about Tokita's muscle friends from the rugby club. You guys better pay!

Wait. Doesn't Grand Blue Diving Shop sell some of the same stuff too as the, uh, Diving Shop? I guess this is mainly merchandise.

Chisa is a gadget girl. She likes anything electronic.

Ha! Kohei just worshiping the Evangelion style wet suits. All censored and stuff.

Hey, that's an actual Olympus camera. Nice product placement.

And they finally made it to Okinawa, after one more day of making money. Aina can't get married and she worries about indirect kisses. Grow up already!

Gah! This preview is a hoot. Dead Kohei used for shark bait. I suppose the scene with Nanaka and Azusa is the real one.

Next time, Okinawa for real!

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