Tuesday, September 11, 2018

10 Second Anime - Grand Blue - Episode 8

Iori and Kohei try bartending to earn pocket money. The bros reclaim one of their own by sabotaging his relationship.

Episode 8 - "A Man's Cocktail"


It appears the trip to Okinawa has been postponed, storytelling-wise, so the guys can earn pocket money. The tennis club challenge was only enough to pay for travel expenses, so the poor college guys have to do what we usually see in anime - move furniture and tend bar. Well, it lets us have a lot of alcohol jokes, misunderstood yaoi jokes, and some major cock-blocking jokes. The way the dudes kept Mitarai from leaving their loser tribe remind me very much of harem hijinks where no girl is allowed to "move ahead" of the others. Here, no one is allowed to move ahead of the other virgins or have a relationship. Just sit together, drink beer, and complain about not getting a girlfriend - sounds like college life to me!

They're going to Okinawa... except not yet.

Har. Iori and Kohei got money from the moving job, but then blew it all on drinking at a bar afterwards.

Well, we're going to get a lot of liquor jokes here. Kotobuki is a bartender. Iori and Kohei have different ideas of what that means.

Kotobuki seems popular with the ladies. Kill him!

Aina is impressed with how well Iori and Kohei look in a shirt and tie. They are pretty boys, after all.

Keeping clothes on around alcohol is weird. Azusa gets it!

Of course putting a screwdriver in a drink is wrong. She wanted the flat-head...

Yeah, maybe give them the drink bible first.

Haha! Yamamoto is a cherry blossom.

Gay jokes for the Master. Iori and Kohei's relationship is a naked one! Kotobuki is too literal while Azusa is mistaken. Iori doesn't help things by agreeing to everything while referring to Chisa.

We're way deep into college slice of life now. Hanging out at Yamamoto's place to drink.

Uh oh. Mitarai is a traitor to the virgin loser club. Get him!

Aw. She was cute. She also has a good uppercut and kicks high.

Iori called it. Mitarai may be a player, but the way he plays the game keeps him a loser. All is forgiven!

Next time, Azusa gets Nanaka to play the King Game. Still not in Okinawa, I take it.

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