Thursday, August 30, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - Sunohara-sou no Kanrinin-san - Episode 9 - Ayaka Brings Ales

Ayaka is the perfect woman for Oktoberfest. She spills out of her dirndl without spilling any beer!

It's about time we got some more Nishiki. Her liquor store runs a special Oktoberfest event and, of course, Ayaka always helps out her friend. Let's skip over the part where Aki is forced to wear a dirndl too...

True to her word, Nana does indeed come to visit. This time, after eating some roasted sweet potatoes, she noticed that she might be gaining weight. Nana also noticed Ayaka might be getting a little soft in the wrong places too!

Because she was worried about her figure, Ayaka tried out some of Nana's exercise equipment in the cold storage room, got a fever, and Aki has to take care of her. That means feeding her and wiping down her sweaty body. Ayaka insists on getting her front wiped too. Poor Aki has to find his courage.

Ayaka got all better quickly, but when Aki sniffled a bit and Ayaka promised to take care of him the same way, the student council girls got all suspicious about some naughty happenings. They weren't wrong.

Ayaka fell down, but Aki was there to catch her, sort of, in the end card.

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