Friday, August 31, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - Harukana Receive - Episode 9 - Eclair X Harukana

Akari got seeding info for the Okinawa tournament and it turns out only one duo can go to the national beach volleyball tournament. Will Eclair vs Harukana rip friendships apart?

The passage of time is cruel. We had to say goodbye to Athlete Mama Marissa!

Haruka's training is going well, but the only thing she lacks is experience against other teams. Claire has advice, but Haruka doesn't understand it. I'm sure it will become important later.

Meanwhile, Akari does a bit of moping because of the bad news that only one pair from Okinawa can go to the Nationals, which means someone in their club is going to lose. She even calls Ayasa and Narumi for support, who say she should trust her friends. Akari was the one who made the little hibiscus scrunchies for the team flair.

It's tournament time, which means it's time to put on official tops with their numbers. It has been six weeks since we saw ass slapping! Still waiting for Emily or Kanata to return the slaps. Ai and Mai were there too, as event staff members since Ai is now in college. Haruka liked her more mature look.

Harukana does well in the opening rounds, as does Eclair of course. A bit of drama comes in when the Aragaki sisters, self-proclaimed rivals of the Thomas twins, declare a challenge against them, which means they already think they'll beat Haruka and Kanata. Harukana handles them easily, even as Kanna got her topspin spike breaking through Haruka's wall. Well, we saw what Marissa taught them last episode, so it wasn't surprising how the match turned out. Akari and Mai engage in some accidental yuri as they celebrate.

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