Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - Iya na Kao Sare Nagara Opantsu Misete Moraitai - Episode 6 - Airi Gets Mad

Airi got mad when she lost the game to you, and not just because she lost, but also because she remembered what she had to show you if you won.

Airi tried to weasel out of it by lots of shouting and even a quick flash of thighs or a brief glimpse of heaven, but you know what you asked for, and Airi was going to give it to you.

She really drew things out with lots of insults, but Airi finally showed you her behind.

Ironically named Sega, Airi lost a video game and had to show you her panties. She also showed you her look of contempt and disgust. Which one excited you more, you sicko?

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