Wednesday, August 29, 2018

10 Second Anime - Grand Blue - Episode 3

Iori and Kohei learn about how the diving club raises funds at the university Spring festival. They meet another club member from the nearby women's college.

Episode 3 - "A New World"


Iori has a disturbing nightmare that he's cross-dressing as a high school girl doing some compensated dating. Plot twist! It's a premonition!

Kotobuki and Tokita just happen to have male and female high school uniforms for Kohei and Iori. Chisa says "hentai..."

Ah. This is a big setup to explain how the club makes money at the university Spring Festival in May. They want Kohei to enter the male beauty pageant because he's "pretty." He's a bishotaku, after all. Iori needs to join the joke category, hence the cross-dressing.

Well, before they decide anything, it's time for some more actual diving stuff.

The title of the episode is "A New World," and the ocean underneath the surface is definitely that. Iori is happy to share his appreciation with Chisa.

But there's also a new world of cross dressing...

And more drinking to celebrate this new world.

Oh ho! Sexy lady!

Azusa from the Oumi Women's University. The diving club is intercollegiate.

She's not normal. Obviously, since this is anime, but Tokita says if you treat her like a girl, you'll make a fool of yourself. Tomboy or switch hitter? Both?

Ah. The club has a more reliable way of making money than beauty pageants - running a food stall. Azusa knows how to fry up some okonomiyaki.

And now plot to justify the sketchy maneuvers to get a girl drunk. If they dudes can get Chisa to enter the women's beauty pageant, they don't have to enter the men's side. Um, why not just ask her straight out first and then mess with her inhibitions later? Ah well, this is comedy with lots of irresponsible drinking, so it's not like logic abounds.

Har. Chisa thinks Iori is trying to get Kohei drunk. Like for a prank? Or some more switch hitting? Also, what a waste of single malt whiskey...

Confirmed - Azusa is Nanaka's phone buddy, so she know a lot about Iori already. She knows all the wrong things about him, but she's okay with that! Just go with the flow already, Iori!

That "Pleiades Beer" looks like a cross between Foster's and Sapporo in a can... Subaru is the Japanese name for the Pleiades cluster, so why not a terrible pun for canned beer?

Well, Azusa's been around Kotobuki and Tokita long enough to know when someone is trying to get someone else drunk, so now Kohei and Iori have to ask Chisa straight out to enter the women's beauty pageant. She says no, of course.

Hmm, Azusa is pretty persuasive herself. Convincing Chisa that Iori was confident she would win the beauty pageant because she was the cutest. Way to play on a girl's vanity and insecurity.

Fine. Chisa will enter the pageant, but only if Kohei and Iori still enter the men's side, because why should she be the only one facing an embarrassing situation? That's fair.

Next time, university beauty pageants!

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