Friday, August 24, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - Harukana Receive - Episode 8 - Akari Likes Marissa's Abs

Akari quickly saw the benefits of having an athlete mama like Marissa coaching her beach volleyball club - learning how to get abs of steel!

Marissa was happy to see her daughters and Kanata again, of course, but she was really happy to meet Haruka. Claire holds nothing back when she talks to her mom, obviously. Haruka took a quick shine to Marissa too.

Marissa gets right down to business. Nobody is even dressed for some real volleyball training, but Athlete Mama immediately started drilling Haruka and Kanata on receiving spikes through teamwork. The girls were just lucky that Marissa has lost her snap in her pro retirement, but Super Demon Coach is plenty strong enough.

Kanata and the Thomas twins told Akari about how they all met with Narumi there too. We knew NaruKana beat Eclair in the finals, but we finally saw how and why Claire was crying in her disappointment. It was a really close match. Also, God Bless America!

We had time for a three month montage to get to New Year's Day in Okinawa. Looks pretty warm in tropical paradise. The Beach Volleyball Club became its own official club and Marissa still doesn't understand why "Shii-chan" gets so mad when she calls Akari her old idol name.

There's a big chase to see Narumi at the airport during a layover, but they don't know if they'll make it in time. Big Hummer driving American Athlete Mama has some street skillz, yo. Claire and Emily braced themselves because they knew exactly what Marissa was going to make that big SUV do.

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