Friday, August 24, 2018

10 Second Anime - Grand Blue - Episode 1

Iori comes to live at his uncle's diving shop Grand Blue when he attends college nearby. Comedic and breathtaking situations await as he learns to scuba dive, meets new friends, and reconnects with his cousins. Season Premiere.

Episode 1 - "Deep Blue"

First Thoughts.

I just finished watching a diving show with cute high school girls and magical cats, so do I want to watch the college frat boy version? Hell yes! Anime not set in high school and showing lots of questionable drinking is going to get my attention. Plus, this is a university setting without the heavy otaku flavor we're used to seeing. Throw in girls wearing next to nothing in wet suits, and well, sold!

The premise aside, I did enjoy the hard-boiled faces of comedy. This is definitely a Prison School type of show without the dark fetishes influencing the joke setups. Naked drunkenness influences all the comedy... I had to laugh. Now, no one is getting fooled that there is underage drinking going on, otherwise it's a hell of a coincidence that all of the incoming new students took a couple of years off so they would be 20 years old, and legal drinking age, to start college life right. Or wrong. Really wrong!

So, let's enjoy nubile bodies, horror show comedic reactions, and lots and lots of drinking!


Oh, hey. This Iori kid hasn't seen his cousin in ten years. You know that means she's going to be hot. Like, sexy cousin temptation hot.

Yup. She's hot!

The opening credits show a lot of cute girls!

Har. The censorship is hilarious. That black circle only hangs from the front of the blonde dude Kotobuki.

Ah. Iori can't swim, so he thinks he can't scuba dive. Why not? If he's got air tanks it's not like he can drown...

Ooh, long-haired big sister type cousin Nanaka. Chisa is the shorter haired former tomboy.

I get you, Iori. I too came from an all boy high school, but we never walked all over the place naked.

Brr. Chisa with eyes so cold. She's going to be the "baka..." girl, isn't she?

And of course nobody has a shot with Nanaka because she's totally fixated on Chisa.

Oho. Can't be late for college orientation if you wake up hungover on campus. These dude-bros are smart!

Ha. I'm going to coin the word bishotaku for this Kohei guy.

Yeah, stay away from that guy... obviously they're going to be best friends.

This is real college orientation. What better way of getting to know the campus by finding out its best hiding places from the cops?

All the feels in the world for Kohei. Wants to start a high school girl harem club in college but high school girls don't go to college... Almost the perfect plan!

Um. You can't light tea on fire, my dude. Nice, they turned this into a running joke.

Haha! "I used to be an otaku." That's how you get a reaction in a staring contest.

Oh, I guess this diving club is known as the Peekaboo Circle. Well, their body parts are definitely playing peekaboo the entire episode.

And Chisa said, "baka..." Called it!

End credits are funny too. Let's do this again!

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