Friday, March 09, 2018

10 Second Anime - Killing Bites - Episode 9

The fight between Taiga and Hitomi gets serious but Kido arrives to complicate matters.

9th Bite - "I Will Never Change My Mind About That!"


Trying to justify Nomoto's sad sack attitude and sad sack existence as the courage to trust in others is lame. He's lame. Sure, he's a nice guy, but people walk all over him because he's lame. The one time he thinks he's taking a stand still is letting others dictate his decisions. Nomoto can't order Hitomi away from a fight because she wouldn't go. And even if this is the right decision to make, it still looks like Operation Unthink is back on. The only thing Nomoto asserted himself on was making Hitomi save Eruza, but Honey Badger would have gone to that area anyway, since its nature is aggressively curious. Nomoto's stand to not take a different stand is nothing to be impressed about.


Looks like we're wasting time looking at what a sad sack Nomoto was and is, just going with the flow and doing whatever other people tell him.

Kind of an interesting way to do a quick recap, but also to remind us that unambitious Nomoto is a sad sack.

Back to what matters - Hitomi has almost figured out the timing on Taiga's attacks.

Ui pops out! To tell Hitomi about a bad dude coming. But! There's already a bad dude right here!

Oh ho. Civetone Wrap really takes a bunny down.

Har! "I want to make babies."

Woof. Still trying to show guts this episode too, even if it is a hypothetical showing Brute Tiger's full force attack on Honey Badger.

Talking about missing guts, this guy Nomoto needs to suck his back in. No, you didn't kill Hitomi by putting her in that square.

Look at me, so awesome by not doing anything awesome... blech.

Ooh, did Ui hear Taiga's attack coming? Ouch! No, she heard Kido coming.

Kido fights dirty. No honor at all with that sneak attack.

This is good way to get Taiga out of the way for Honey Badger against Kido in the final showdown. What is that stuff on his tail, anyway? Is he a pangolin?

Man, it looks like Hitomi has a broken arm and some ribs.

Yoko manipulated everybody to get these ideal circumstances. Needed to get Taiga out of the trees because that's his territory and Kido couldn't fight without worrying about harming those trees. She also manipulated Kido into fighting against Honey Badger because she was somehow an enemy of nature. He's dumb. Didn't he see all the tortured animals where he was being kept?

Ha! Bunny girl outsmarted Kaori with digging holes!

Yup. Kido is Brute Pangolin. It doesn't explain his super strength or green eyes. Maybe they glow that way because he's supposed to be nocturnal? Anyway, pangolins eat bugs, so he should have some disgusting tongue attack too, not just rely on his armor.

Some chatter says Kido is a banned fighter. Maybe we'll find out about that next time too.

Ho. Oshie is a jealous stalker.

Next time, Yoko acts smug some more and maybe we get a full origin flashback for Hitomi.

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