Saturday, March 10, 2018

10 Second Anime - Dagashi Kashi S2 - Episode 9

Hajime shows off her web design skills and her super ball alchemy.

Episode 9 - "Internets, Super Ball, and..."


There were three things we learned this episode. First, how is Kokonotsu handling a sexy 20 year old boarder living down the hallway? Looks like domestic bliss... Second, Hajime is smart! Like, really smart. Sure, she plays around with web design as if Geocities never died, but she can also make basic toys from scratch. And third, Hajime knows how to talk to children. This is a necessary skill for clerking at a snack store where the clientele demographic is mainly preteen.

And So.

Let's talk about this episode! We're back to the "de, de" and Hajime loves bending over. I love her bending over too.

Hajime Onee-san.

You know, I can't bring myself to hate this Yutaka guy. He's got the crazy spiral eyes like Hotaru, so you know he's sincere about convenience store stuff. He's flashy, sure, but he doesn't condescend down to Kokonotsu. Still, he's the kind of friend you take in measured doses.

The Internets! It's the future!

It still looks odd to see Hajime dressed like an office worker around the snack store, but I'm not complaining about how she likes to bend over in that tight skirt.

Kokonotsu really did just get a smexy older sister living with him. I'm sure Tou gives him a lot of grief about that.

Jeez, 9-Piece! You need to knock before entering a 20 year old woman's room! Who knows what's she's doing in there...

Hey, Hajime writes pretty good HTML 4 code. With comments even. Lots of <div id> in that code. Somebody's going to use some Java Script.

Hajime claims she learned all about hypertext markup language in her "gloomy compulsory education." Looks like it stuck.

Ha! This web site is looking a whole bunch of official anime sites... Needs an "under construction" gif...

Java Script! Called it!

That's a lot of scrolling dagashi! And a lot of scrolling Kokonotsu!

Oh ho. This is a sketchy escort ad. I mean, so I've heard.

"We offer simple pleasures, we have toys too, delivery service, and Hajime (20 years old)." How many Hajime's can I have delivered? Asking for a friend...

Hajime is still a bad employee. She forgot to order the super balls and, of course, the only kids interested in super balls show up.

Wow. Hajime knows how to make super balls from scratch. But how well do they bounce?

She's handling these young boys very well. That's a good skill for snack store lady.

Hajime is still clumsy. Definitely bringing back the smexy.

Next time, does You finally meet Hajime? We've got to start setting up the final arc for Hotaru's return.

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