Friday, March 09, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - Nanatsu no Bitoku - Episode 7 - Sariel Spreads Her Wings

Sariel wanted to show more kindness, but she ran out of "love power." She decided to try harder!

Sariel the Angel of Kindness is the "ara, ara, maa, maa" girl of the Seven Virtues. Interestingly, her idea of showing kindness is hard compassion by softly disciplining a wayward Messiah Candidate.

Sariel does everything "fabulously," especially her soft marshmallow attacks involving her boobs and butt.

Her Messiah Candidate doesn't seem like a very good one, but she'll still work hard to train him not to be spoiled anymore. Unfortunately, when she spread her wings, a feather tickled her nose, and activated her Evil Eye with a sneeze. Michael and Uriel were too late to stop the explosion of power, but our Messiah Candidate seemed to like it.

Sariel's eye catch seemed to be fancier than the others. Fabulous even. Now that we've seen all Seven Virtues, I'm very curious to see what the last three episodes have for us.


Sariel's fabulous marshmallow attacks from the front and the rear proved very NSFW since her chest armor was all about the flopping underboob.

Sariel shows kindness by soft shocks, pressure, and slaps... with her fabulous boobs and butt!

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