Monday, March 19, 2018

10 Second Anime - Dagashi Kashi S2 - Episode 10

Kokonotsu and Hajime make their first delivery for the snack shop. Kokonotsu gets serious about submitting his manga manuscript.

Episode 10 - "Monjiro Squid, Manga Manuscript, and..."


There was one thing that threw me out of the episode as I watched it. Just how long has it been since You broke his foot? How is this day the first time that Kokonotsu visited him? Shouldn't he have known this was the hospital he was staying at? They live in the boonies, right? There shouldn't be that many hospitals around their little beach town. If we take the minimum amount of days since You broke his foot, that means one day for the shop renovation, one day for scouting the convenience store and hiring Hajime, and two days for Hajime working there. Four days total have passed and that's why Kokonotsu doesn't know where his dad's hospital room is or how big his cast is? The timeline seems all out of whack.


Putting aside the strange idea that Kokonotsu would be surprised to find his dad in a hospital since he hasn't been at home this whole time, Kokonotsu faces a crisis of his own making. He totally ignored his manga manuscript for three months while he was depressed and the snack shop got destroyed by You's neglect and all of a sudden he needs to finish it to prove that he hasn't resigned himself to taking over the family business. We're obviously setting up the final bit of drama for the season finale, because we haven't talked about this supposed premise for the whole show this entire season. It can't just be all fan service from candy crazy girls and 20 year olds with sexy otaku accents, can it?

And So.

Let's talk about this episode! No "de, de" this time from Hajime as she peeks under the kotatsu.

Kokonotsu's Dad Not Reading Goethe.

Talk about a disappointment. Somehow Hotaru's delivery request (come on, we all know it was her), with all its formal language and prose, made 9-Piece think a girl was pining for old man snacks in a hospital bed while reading German poetry.

So, Hotaru has been keeping tabs on You and somehow found the website that Hajime had barely launched the day before. All the sexiness had totally been scrubbed, but Hajime still delivers. You just can't get her delivered...

At first I thought You was in on Hotaru's delivery request, but it makes sense with his selfish and self-centered attitude that he would just expect his son to bring him snacks and fork it over as soon as possible.

Obviously, You wants a hug pillow with Hajime drawn on it now. It's to play pranks on Kokonotsu, of course!

So now Hajime wants beer with that flying squid snack. This should be interesting.

Oho. Drunk Hajime looks like fun. Kokonotsu says he doesn't need to look at her lady parts since he has Hotaru. He just flat-out said it out loud!

Conventional Manga Manuscript Plot.

What the hell has Kokonotsu been doing for three months? If he wasn't even paying attention to the store and he wasn't interested in drawing his manga, what has he been filling his time with while he was depressed about Hotaru's absence?

I still get a kick out of Yutaka doing the menial chores around the convenience store while stylishly dressed.

I've seen Bakuman and Nozaki-kun. You always get your friends to help you beat a manga deadline.

Whoa! I recognize that chest in the preview! Look what the blizzard blew in.

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